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Products Available at The Moxie on Maple Ave

If you are looking for more than just an amazing hair stylist in Saratoga Springs, NY then you are going to want to stop in at The Moxie on Maple Ave.  We have Fromm brushes and all the products that you could ever need!  We are a Goldwell, Surface salon therefore we carry these lines so that you can take all of the salon goodness home with you so that you can maintain your hairs health and style!

All Goldwell and Surface shampoos, conditioners and styling/finishing products offer the very best care for your hair and deliver the closest thing to salon results at home that you will ever get!  You will be thrilled with the professional, predictable and vibrant results that you have ever seen while also delivering nutrients that will keep your hair in top shape.

When you are looking for products to maintain your hair health while maintaining your style then you cannot get much better than Goldwell and Surface.  With their dedication to combining passion and science to deliver the results that you are looking for while being as gentle on your hair as possible, how can you possibly go wrong?  The best part is that these products work hand in hand with all of the services and professional products that we use in our salon.

So what are you waiting for?  Come on in today to see our full selection of products that we have available!  We are always here to answer questions about the products that we have available for purchase.  We can also help you achieve the look you are so in love with and other’s have fallen short of delivering.  We can’t wait to meet you and help you find the style that you love!  Come on in and Catch The Moxie!