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3 Golden Rules For Styling A Mullet

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3 Golden Rules For Styling A Mullet

Back in the ‘80s, the mullet was synonymous with the era’s leading men like Billy Ray Cyrus and Lionel Richie before it fell to the wayside. That is… until now. The hairdo has made a strong comeback, and it’s chicer than ever. If you’ve already made the chop or are considering it for yourself, Bustle spoke with the pros for intel on how to style the mullet.

Out of all the hairstyles that exist in the world, the mullet seemed like it’d be the one trend that wouldn’t have a resurgence — it was just way too easy to associate it with “Achy Breaky Heart” and Road House. But a new class of celebrities has recently proven that the once-polarizing cut can indeed be modern and cool. Just look at Maisie Williams, Rihanna, and Miley Cyrus (like father, like daughter).

If you’ve already gotten the chop, congrats! But now comes the hard(er) part — learning how to style your mullet. Below are the three golden rules, straight from the experts.

1. Set Your Fringe

The most important part of mullet stying is dealing with the short pieces that make up the pseudo-bangs. Make sure that the frame around your face is exactly how you want it. That bang piece has to be perfect for you — it really makes or breaks the style. As such, it’s the area that will need the most TLC.

Pro tip: Use a styling product to pull out and twist pieces around the face. The pieces framing the face should be long enough to be finger curled, which Kee recommends for the bangs.

2. Amp Up The Texture

Once you’ve perfected your fringe, working with the rest of your mullet is relatively easy. The differentiating lengths of the cut do most of the work for you, so it’s truly a low-maintenance style. The general philosophy? Less is more — you don’t want to over-style it.

That said, the mullet thrives with texture. To zhuzh the volume, Hershberger says to start by running dry shampoo throughout your hair, then apply a shaping balm or pomade all over. This is to achieve the piece-y texture that gives you a rock n’ roll, cool edgy look. And, if you really want to make sure everything stays in place, use a small flatiron and holding spray to perfect the little pieces.

3. Get Regular Trims

It’s always a challenge — with any haircut — when your ‘do grows out. But both Kee and Hershberger say the key to maintaining your mullet is to continually trim it. Keep getting a trim if you aren’t looking to grow it out so quickly. You can keep your hair looking blended as it grows out by cutting the bottom layers. Long live that shag.

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