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8 Easy Ways to Switch Things Up If You’re Bored With Your Haircut

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This article comes from Byrdie.

8 Easy Ways to Switch Things Up If You’re Bored With Your Haircut

ven if your hairstyle has served you well for a few years, there comes a time when you want something new and fresh to coincide with how you yourself are changing. Those long locks might not match your more buttoned-up vibe of late, so it could be time to buzz it all down. Or vice versa: Perhaps you ditched the office forever and want your hair to reflect some lack of uniform. Or maybe, when looking to switch up the men’s haircut, you prefer to keep your current length, but beyond that, you can’t figure out how to make things look and feel fresh.

How can you approach a new hairstyle to get that brand-newness we all crave every couple of years? Let us count the ways.

1. Choose Your Colors Wisely

Telling you to “try new hair colors” is nothing novel, but perhaps your hangup on dyes and bleach is that it feels too permanent—and because you know it can significantly hinder your hair’s quality.

However, a new color—a slightly different one—might be the ticket to feeling brand new. If it’s your first attempt at a color change, first try a semi-permanent dye.

This type of hair dye coats the surface of the hair shaft and doesn’t change the actual hair color. You can try on the color for size, and if you don’t like it or want to move on to another color without going through a harsh chemical process, semi-permanent hair dye washes out [in up to six weeks] so that you can comfortably start over.

2. Flatter Your Head Shape

If you’re stuck on an old, awkward style—or if you’re wondering what the best new one will be—then first, you should consider your head shape and whether or not a specific style works well with it. Not all head shapes are suited for a high and tight, and not all head shapes are suited for a low drop fade. High and tight fades are great for guys who are wider at the parietal ridge of the head. Doing this slims out that area, giving more of a square shape. It also keeps the haircut’s shape from flaring out when it grows out in a few weeks. Mid fades, and low fades are ideal for guys who are narrower at the parietal ridge because it builds weight in that area to give the haircut a square shape.

3. Breathe New Life Into Your Hair With Volumizing Powder

If you want to do more with what you already have, then there’s one product you may be overlooking.

The volumizing powder is the key to transformations. It works as a dry shampoo to absorb excess oils at the base of your hair but instantly lifts, separates, and defines the hair, giving you volume and texture to take a limp or lifeless style and turn it into something more vibrant and intentional. Be sure to target your hair’s roots with the powder because that’s where the hair gets weighed down on the day or two after a full shampoo.

4. Try a Blow Dryer (But Tone it Down)

Many guys think of a blow dryer as a device that makes their hair dry faster. Yes, that is technically correct, but the device’s task is also to manipulate your hair into doing exactly what you need it to do, whether you’re locking in a style, activating hair product, or adding volume and body to a particular style. It can make a huge difference in how your hair maintains your intended look throughout the day, but a blow dryer can also wreak havoc on your hair long term, so using one requires some baseline intel.

The main key is not to put the dryer on full heat. Just put the temperature on halfway and start with a pre-styling heat protectant spray to help shield each hair strand from heat damage (and thus breakage, frizzing, splitting, and more).

5. Reframe Your Face

Back to the topic of geometry: With hairstyles, a simple change might lie in the proportions of your face itself. Meaning, you can move your side to the middle or the other side—or eliminate it. You can sweep your hair back instead of combing it to the side, or you can let it all fall overtop of your forehead instead of styling it back at all. In this way, your hairstyle may change very little, aside from how other people see it.

6. Consider the Hard Part

Speaking of hair parts: Maybe there’s a hard part in your future. These are buzzed or shaved into the part of your hair instead of those “soft” parts that are simply naturally occurring or are combed in.

When the part grows in, it is less obvious and blends in with the length on the sides. If the hair along that parting is too long, there will be noticeable fuzz growing back within two weeks. If the client doesn’t mind coming back for another touch-up in two weeks, go for it. Ultimately, it is up to the client, but it is important to set expectations for what will happen during that period in-between haircuts.

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