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How to Style Your Bangs Based on Your Fringe Style

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This article comes from Byrdie.

How to Style Your Bangs Based on Your Fringe Style

Having trouble styling your bangs at home? Here are a few tips to help you get started:

1. Wavy Bangs

When considering bangs with wavy hair you have to decide if you want to leave the bangs wavy or blow the bangs out and leave the rest of the hair in a soft wave. If you’re going for beachier hair, leave your bangs wavy, but if you want to feel a bit more polished, blow them out. Blow drying the bangs first (or straight away) will make them easier to control.

2. Curly Bangs

With curly bangs, it’s all about using your styling products while your hair is quite damp, this will ensure your natural curl doesn’t become frizzy while styling. If you do encounter any unwanted frizz, do not overapply the product. A general piece of advice with bangs, the less product, the better. Excess product in the bang may cause breakouts or make them look too oily.

3. Curtain Bangs

Curtain bangs are trending right now—and for good reason. This style is great if you don’t want to go full fringe but want the benefits of a little face-framing. The key to this bang is to create that soft, loose bend that creates a soft framing around the temples. Try using a large boar’s hair bristle brush as it will give you that bend, plus add a lot of shine.

4. Blunt Bangs

You can’t mess around with styling a blunt bang; your approach has to be swift. With this style, you really need to blow dry right away, this will make it easier to combat any cowlicks or irregular hairline patterns. For best results, hold a hairdryer overhead and brushing your bangs from side to side until dry.

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