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How to Know if Your Hair Is Damaged

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This article comes from Byrdie.

How to Know if Your Hair Is Damaged

Damaged hair can display itself in various ways, including but not limited to split ends, brittle-like texture, and excessive tangling. The fact of the matter is that these undesirable signs are an inevitable part of our daily rhythms. Whether you color your hair, use hot tools, or tie it up every day, all of these behaviors take a toll on our strands.

1. Hair Loss or Thinning

There is the natural amount of hair we lose each day that resides in our brushes or naturally sheds as we wash—and then there are signs of shedding that serve as a warning sign.

Thinning around the hairline and throughout the head has multiple contributing factors. Thinning could be caused by stress, age, heavy medications, or have just had a baby. To prevent this type of hair loss, you never want the pores on your scalp to get too clogged. A good shampoo and conditioner can help alleviate this issue by removing daily buildup while delivering strength-building nutrients from roots to ends.

2. Split Ends

If your hair begins to fray, your ends are instantly dry when you get out of the shower, or there’s a thinning effect going on toward the perimeter of your strands, you likely have split ends. Regular trims can help eliminate the damage. Cutting the hair’s length will remove the damage and allow the hair to continue growing in healthy.

3. Breakage

When you experience breakage, it’s likely due to a lack of elasticity, meaning the hair is in a fragile state and cannot stretch much without breaking.

If you’re noticing breakage throughout your hair you’re probably experiencing over processing from a color service or a chemical treatment. Keeping your hair healthy and prepared for color service is important. Using a hair mask regularly can help the integrity of your hair.

4. Dry, Dull Texture

Dry, brittle hair is usually caused by a lack of moisture, and a lack of moisture comes from what you expose your hair to—everything from the climate to your water quality to the frequency of your highlights.

A good moisture routine can include infrequent shampoos and frequent conditioning and a delicate balance of catering to your hair type and not stripping your hair of its natural oils. Using a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner once a week can help with this issue.

5. Frizz and Flyaways

Frizz is a frequent complaint about certain hair types, and it may be your hair’s cry for help. If you’re noticing flyaways throughout the day and your hair’s frizz makes it hard to cooperate or difficult to manage, you might be dealing with some damage.

When damage shows up as frizz or flyaways, this could be caused by dryness from weather, over-shampooing, or shampooing the ends of your hair. The remedy for this is added hydration and proper haircare that preps the strands before any styling.

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