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What To Know Before Your First Hair Dye

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What To Know Before Your First Hair Dye

Whether you’re dreaming of a soft and natural ombre, or find yourself lusting after adventurous rainbow locks, it’s definitely safe to say that dyeing your hair has become a major form of self-expression. But while the dream of achieving your flawless color goals is nothing short of exciting, things can be a bit tricky when dyeing your hair for the very first time.

1. Do Your Research

It’s important to find the right person, preferably someone who specializes in color. Make sure the colorist you are going to is experienced, and also be sure to view their work.

While you research, consider what kind of color change you are exactly going for. Some drastic dye jobs require a few salon visits, so keeping cost and upkeep in mind always important before making any coloring decisions.

2. Book A Consultation

A consultations open up a good flow of dialogue between you and your stylist, allowing you to better understand coloring terminology.

Communication is key if you haven’t colored your hair before. In scheduling a consultation, you can better understand some basic hair coloring terminology. Some terms to know include dimension, highlights, lowlights, foils, and balayage single process.

3. Tell Your Colorist Exactly What You Want

Saying you want “red hair” or “some blonde streaks” can mean all sorts of things — so be specific. If you want something more effortless and natural-looking, ask for a gloss, or a partial highlight.

But if bold looks are more up your alley, opt for single process or double-process color, as both coloring techniques are required to lift hair, and will guarantee that high impact finish.

4. Know That You Might Need Several Appointments

Keep in mind that some dye jobs require a lot of upkeep, which can mean coming into the salon every month. In addition, dramatic hair looks (going brunette to blonde for example) can take more than one salon visit to even get the shade you’re hoping for.

You should also keep in mind that once you dye, growing it out is really the only way to go completely back to your natural color.

If your color is too dark for your liking, a specific process will be done to remove the darkness on the hair but you will still see some of the original shade come through.

5. Stay Away From DIY Permanent Dyes

Stay away from permanent dyes or box dyes (which contain ammonia) or bleach of any kind. Anything that claims to lift or lighten your hair also falls into the category of chemical damage.

6. Remember The Aftercare

The most important thing anyone can do post-coloring is take care of their new color at home. Investing in color preserving tools is crucial, especially since essentials like shampoos and masks can help beat color fade and damage.

No matter what color your hair is, when you have color in your hair, you need to use hair products to maintain the color, the texture and the shine.

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