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May 3, 2018
The Moxie on Maple - 4 Hair Color Trends That We're Seeing Everywhere in 2018
4 Hair Color Trends That We’re Seeing Everywhere in 2018
May 18, 2018
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Hair Accessory Trends for Summer 2018

The Moxie on Maple - Hair Accessory Trends Summer 2018

We at The Moxie on Maple like to keep up with what is hot and trending in the hair fashion industry.  We were looking at what is on trend for Summer 2018 when we found this great resource at and decided that these trends are just too pretty to keep to ourselves.

The spring 2018 hair accessories are certainly exciting, and most impressive of all – NEW! A lot of times we see trends that have basically been recycled or just making their rounds again, but the spring/ summer 2018 hair accessory trends are invigorating. Spring is about renewal and rebirth, and summer is the time to shine with the longest days and the warmest months, so we don’t mind seeing some new versions of old favorites appearing. Still, there is nothing like discovering something new to love.

Flowers, both real and fake, are expected summer 2018 accessory trends – they are the symbols of the season, but how they are done and worn can be new. With all the spring/ summer 2018 fashion trends being dissected post Fashion Weeks, lovers of all aspects of fashion are having a field day. Even better, the spring/ summer 2018 hair accessories include quite a bit of clever sparkle.

The upcoming season will be jam-packed with options from sporty to opulent. You’ll notice that low ponytails and wrapped low ponytails are among the spring/ summer 2018 hairstyle trends, done in several different ways. Find one that works for you below, and adorn it with a lovely hair accessory! If hair accessories are your thing, or even if you just want to give it a try, the numerous options to choose from will certainly give you a reason to smile.

#1. Pearl Encrusted Hair Accessories

Simone Rocha definitely got things rolling for the spring 2018 hair accessories with the pearl-encrusted hair clips. Models wore three at a time, strategically placed with one at the arch and one on either side at the end of the eyebrows. The whole look was very dainty, and renaissance era styled, working perfectly with the runway presentation.

These pearl clips looked great in every head of hair and will add a touch of grace to even the most low-key look. Each of the pearls was decently sized with multiples on each clip making for a pretty eye-catching feature that held back the Hermione-esque frizzy curls and fly-away hair.

These stunning hair pins not only secured the hair and made a lasting impression that has most of us ready to add them into our spring/ summer 2018 accessories collections, but they showed serious staying power on multiple hair textures. They caught the light, just right from each angle and gave off a romantic and old world feel.

#2. Rhinestone-Affixed Parts

Dries Van Noten’s spring 2018 hair accessory trend contribution was one of the coolest – hands down. No one can seem to pinpoint exactly how they pulled it off initially, but it is incredible to see and surprisingly easy to do if you’re interested.

The speculation is that using a bit of eyelash glue will allow a strip of rhinestones to be affixed to a center or side part for an extra bit of bling and sparkle without snatching out your hair. It was unexpectedly cool and certain to be duplicated through the upcoming fashion season and beyond.

#3. Gold Barrettes

Versace is synonymous with ornate and lavish design, so the deluxe feel and style of the gold barrettes on the runway were certain to make them a shoe-in for the spring/ summer 2018 hair accessories trend. Each of the barrettes features small versions of the Versace medallions, making each barrette even more iconic. The models wore two at a time, in face-framing style.

Vicky Zhang’s gold dragonfly hair accessories for summer 2018 featured pearl heads and translucent wings. They were decadent and beautiful and will surely be one of the most sought-after spring 2018 hair accessory trends.

#4. Silk Hair Wraps

Lanvin was watched even more attentively than normal during the spring 2018 ready-to-wear runway show because there had been a few important shakeups in the staffing. As we all watched closely, we saw another version of the dressed up, low ponytail – this time wrapped from the base to about mid down with silk Lanvin scarves.

First and foremost, this is a spring 2018 hair accessory trend that actually allows for the multi-purposing of silk scarves, which is fantastic, but the look was great, and silk does not agitate hair cuticles. When taking this style down there will be no need to pay extra attention to your hair, and the scarves came in great colors with the Lanvin name printed all over them. Moreover, scarves have also made it to the spring/ summer 2018 hat trends, so get a couple in interesting colors and play with them!

For the rest of these beautiful trends be sure to go to  If you are planning a date night or other event this summer and you want some help getting your hair perfect, be sure to book an appointment with us so that you are sure to be the head-turner that we all know that you are!