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Finish Off 2020 With These Hair Trends

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This article comes from The Bustle.

Finish Off 2020 With These Hair Trends

For those wanting to try something different with their hair, there are tons of options — and some don’t even require grabbing a pair of scissors.

1. Bobs

Particularly shorter lengths — will be a popular way to end the year. People aren’t as concerned about having long hair to style blowouts or updos, so now is the time to try something different. Short hair is freer — it’s chic and has more movement.

2. Pixie Cuts

People are wanting a fresh start and are ready for a dramatic change. To get the perfect pixie cut, talk to your stylist to determine which pixie style works best for your face shape.

3. Baby Bangs

Bangs aren’t just bangs. Certain styles come and go (remember the long, side-swept bangs of the aughts?), but we can expect to see baby bangs continue to rise in popularity. Baby Bangs are just the right amount of change that people are craving when the seasons change. It’s easy to toss up your hair and keep your little baby bang pieces down to spice it up.

4. Long Layers

Long layers of all kinds will be popular because they don’t require much maintenance. For those looking to try something more inventive, shaggy layered looks will offer style without the need for constant upkeep.

5. Top Knots

Quick styles like top knots are not going anywhere anytime soon. We’ve got to be camera ready for those last-minute virtual meetings. More and more of the DIY hair trends are shaped by our safe, at-home lifestyle.

6. Long Lengths

While some are calling for a return for shorter styles like classic bobs, we still see longer hair staying popular.

7. Hair Accessories

Front-facing styles — ones that keep interest near the face — will be popular as well as hair accessories to help disguise moments when you haven’t had time to give yourself a full-on blowout.

Try styles like a clip-in ponytail or a hairpiece like clip-in bangs if you want to experiment with something fun and easy. Don’t have time to shampoo and your hair isn’t cooperating? Consider using a scarf as a hair accessory.

8. Blunt Cuts

Blunt cuts have been popular for a while now — think of all those blunt bob wigs Kim Kardashian wears — but the style will be popular no matter what your length is. The look is easy to maintain — a common theme with most 2020 trends. With its blunt ends, any cut will grow out evenly, causing little need for continuous salon visits.

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