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What Are the Best Cuts for Stick-Straight Hair?

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What Are the Best Cuts for Stick-Straight Hair?

The key is finding the perfect cut for your texture—in this case, we’re looking at the best haircuts for straight hair. You’d be surprised how the right snip can take you from dull, lifeless hair to off-duty-model tresses.

Blunt Cuts

If your hair is fine and straight, the greatest thing you can do is rock a blunt haircut. Excessive layers will only cause fine hair to look thinner, so resist the urge to get “choppy layers for movement.” By keeping all the weight at the bottom, your locks will appear thicker and fuller in an instant.

This style works for manes of any length, but you may have to snip your locks to your layer point if you already have them. Blunt cuts look amazing straight but don’t be afraid to add some waves for a night out. Wands make curling your hair at home super easy, but be sure to leave your ends out for a modern feel.

Bob Cuts

A sleek and sophisticated bob works amazingly well on fine, straight hair. I love giving my fine-haired clients a bit of an A-line cut where the hair is snipped shorter in the back and has longer pieces in the front. By keeping some length around your face, you give yourself more options when it comes to updos and other styles.

Avoid any “stacking” in the back and keep this style fresh by going blunt. The resurgence of the bob is bangs-optional, but if you opt for them, go for a subtle fringe. Trying to create a heavy bang on fine, straight hair is a recipe for disaster.


We’ve seen a lot of stars rock gorgeous pixies, and this is an amazing option for women with fine, straight hair. The messy hairstyle for straight hair adds texture and volume.

Today’s trendy pixie tends to be longer on the top and shorter in the back, and with this new cut, you’ll be surprised by the amount of natural texture that comes from not having it weighed down.

Natural Roots

This isn’t a haircut tip, but having darker roots gives more dimension at your crown and actually creates the illusion of fullness.

The added benefit of not getting your highlights done so regularly is that you save your hair a lot of damage. Go ahead and let it grow.

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