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7 Ways to Conserve Water While Styling Your Hair

This article comes from Byrdie.

7 Ways to Conserve Water While Styling Your Hair

More than 95% of water usage occurs while you wash your hair, and it all goes down the drain. Here are seven ways you can cut that back:

Train your hair

Obviously, one of the most effective ways to conserve water is to reduce how much much you wash it. You can extend the time between wash days, which will reduce the time you spend in the shower and ultimately conserve more water. The more often you give your hair a break between washes, the more it will produce less oil. People with oily hair tend to wash their hair every day, however, washing your hair with shampoo and water daily actually sends a signal to your scalp to produce more oil – leaving you in a vicious cycle.

Embrace second-day (or third-day) hair

Extending time between washes isn’t just better for the environment and your health, but it can actually improve the look of your hair. For those with curly textures, day two, three, or even five can be the best hair days. It’s nice with your natural oils kick in because it can add great texture.

Turn off the faucet while lathering your hair

If you can’t reduce your wash days, a simple solution is to turn off the faucet when applying shampoo or conditioner. You can also fill a small container of water to rinse your hair—this will give you more control on how much goes down the drain.

Use dry shampoo right after washing

It can be helpful to use dry shampoo right after washing. Using a dry shampoo right after washing your hair will create an instant barrier. It helps repels dirt and grease even before it starts to accumulate. Plus, it creates the best texture at the root for the perfect messy ponytail.

Listen to your hair

Many of us can end up washing our hair in the shower out of habit, but this probably isn’t what your hair really needs. Your hair will ultimately tell you when it needs to be washed. If you’re using product to extend your days between washes, I recommend keeping an eye on any scalp irritation—your body is really good at telling you when it needs a change.

Use a timer when you shower

The final tip is to use a timer on your phone to limit your time in the shower. An average shower in America is around eight minutes long and uses over 17.2 gallons of water—that’s 2.1 gallons a minute! Limiting yourself to two to three minutes can save over 13 gallons of water.

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