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The Six Haircuts Stylists Say Will Be Massive Trends in 2020

Looking to keep up with the latest trends? This article that the Moxie Team found on Allure has some tips to keep your hair looking fresh through 2020!

The Six Haircuts Stylists Say Will Be Massive Trends in 2020

It’s a whole new decade and that means it’s time for some new hair. Every year a fresh crop of haircuts becomes, for lack of a better word, trendy. This doesn’t mean they’re completely new and you’ve never seen them before.

Modern Shag

The ’70s are calling and celebrities are answering — and will continue to do so next year. The shag is a mainstay in style. In 2020, we are seeing an updated version that lends itself to modern styling. It’s sexy, strong, and flattering. Try a shag with or without a strong fringe that is cut away into long or short hair, following a hybrid of the mullet and the shag. This look works for curly hair, straight hair, long, mid-length, and even shorter hair.

Rounded ‘Fro

Natural curls and coils are taking the world by storm and the shape of the hair is what helps make the best impact. The rounded ‘fro is one of the most popular looks. The cut will keep your coils healthy and your curls full of life. Although there are so many ways to cut your curly hair, right now [a] rounded [shape] or the ’lion cut’ are my absolute favorites. It’s cutting or trimming hair to shape the natural curls into the roundest form possible. A lot of women’s hair naturally grows in this shape, but some have to be cut and formed.

Short Bangs

2020’s bangs aren’t baby bangs and they aren’t curtain bangs. They sit just right above the eyebrows, making them a bit shorter than previous trendy styles. I think hair texture plays a part in how short you can go with bangs. Keep in mind that curly textures tend to shrink as they dry, so when your stylist is cutting, be sure your hair is dry.

The New Pixie

2020’s take on pixie cuts are either super short or just a bit longer than normal. There’s no in-between here. Shorter than we’ve seen the pixie cut in the past, this look has less movement overall and provides a [freshness] for the new year.

One Length

Being blunt is 2020’s good friend. The most obvious version of this is a bob — but you do not have to chop off a ton of hair to get the blunt effect. This look can be achieved in a more versatile haircut by choosing blunt accent pieces around the face.

The New Bob

Though it felt like every celebrity got a bob in 2019, the short cut isn’t going anywhere next year. It’s just changing shape depending on the wearer — either blunt and one-length or short and choppy. We’ve seen it time and time again and there’s a reason for it. The perfect bob cut is timeless.

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