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The Right Way to Sleep with Wet Hair

Sleep With Wet Hair - The Moxie on Maple Ave, Saratoga, NY

For those who hate applying heat to their hair or tend to take a low maintenance approach to their hairstyle, winter can be difficult when you want to airdry your hair. This article from BirchBox has some tips for you.

The Right Way to Sleep with Wet Hair

To avoid another bout of unflattering bed head, we tapped hairstylists Kat Zemtsova, Samantha Padilla, and Joseph Chase for pro tips on how to properly prep wet hair for bedtime and easy styles you can get while you sleep depending on your texture.

There are a few general rules for going to bed with wet hair regardless of your texture: First, let your hair air dry until it’s at least damp or use a hairdryer to quickly get some of the moisture out.

Second, unless you want a specific style, sleep with your hair down so it can move freely while you toss and turn.

If You Have Straight Hair

“For straight hair, I would prep with a mousse at the root for extra body and spray the ends lightly with a leave-in conditioning spray,” explains Chase. Make sure to gently comb it through with a boar bristle brush—the dense bristles evenly distribute natural oils so it’s shinier, less frizzy, and more manageable.

Alternatively, if you want to wake up to light waves, apply a mousse from roots to ends part your hair in two sections, and gently create two- or three-strand braids. Be sure to use an elastic without a metal clip to avoid crimping at the ends.

If You Have Curly or Wavy Hair

Applying products before bed is especially important for spirals to give them added moisture and definition. Zemtsova’s trick: applying different formulas to certain parts of your hair. Use a styling texture product from roots to ends so your curls are less soft and don’t flatten while you sleep. And apply a hydrating one like a moisturizing cream from midway down the hair to the ends—the scalp produces natural oil on its own, so you don’t need to moisturize the roots.

If you are concerned with flatness or frizz, Padilla recommends investing in a silk pillowcase or satin scarf (bonnets work too!) “It will protect your curly strands from being disrupted while sleeping,” she adds.

Once you wake up, Chase advises curly girls to “use a diffuser to help shape the hair or can use a little sea salt spray to help with shaping the curls.” For waves, he advises running a blow dryer through the hair to eliminate any unwanted moisture—preferably holding one’s head upside down to gain volume. “Then, use a refresher spray or dry shampoo at the root to add a little lift…this always creates a sexy, lived-in look ready for the day.”

If You Have Highly Textured Hair

Accordingly, Padilla, a quick styling hack, if you’re tired of the same ole two-strand twist, is the banded ponytail. “It helps elongate your hair while protecting the shape of the curl,” she explains. Like curly hair, highly textured hair should always be sleeping with a silk scarf/ bonnet or on a satin pillowcase. The reason? it doesn’t give your hair the opportunity to create knotting or frizz. “Overall, you are preventing hair damage and locking moisture by using any or all of these accessories,” adds Padilla.

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