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When to Get a Haircut: 4 Signs That It’s Time

This article comes from Byrdie.

When to Get a Haircut: 4 Signs That It’s Time

Haircuts usually happen for one of two reasons: Either something major has happened in your life, or you no longer recognize the dry cluster of straw on your head as hair.

Haircut vs. Trim

First, allow us to establish the difference between when to get a haircut and a trim. A haircut usually signals a more major change while a trim is simply keeping a current style manageable and in shape. Trimming your hair is important, because whether you cut two centimeters or two inches, keeping the style that you like requires regular maintenance. When a professional trims the hair, we’re still checking the entire shape and making sure that the style works with your lifestyle.

How long can you go?

About every six to eight weeks. Getting your hair cut to keep your hair healthy should be just as important as keeping your skin looking great! Waiting longer can result in split ends, which means it’s harder [for your hair to grow] because your hair is breaking or splitting from the bottom up.

These are 4 signs it’s time to get a haircut:

1. Styling Takes Longer

One of the first signs that it might be time to get a haircut? Suddenly, your hair routine starts taking way longer than it used to. This can be because your ends are splitting and requiring more detangling, your hair is getting overprocessed and requires more moisture and any number of other reasons.

2. There’s No Shape

Remember when your hair was bouncy and full of life? No? If your strands fall flat—or, for short-haired girls, if your hair suddenly starts taking a strange bubble shape—it’s a sure sign that you’re due for a cut.

3. You Wear It Up… Always

Basically, if you find yourself tossing your strands up into your go-to messy bun day after day, it usually reflects the fact that wearing your hair down isn’t exactly a thrilling prospect. Why not go in for a cut and toss your strands with new enthusiasm?

4. Split Ends

Most of us would take split ends as a cue to get a haircut, but if you’re waiting for split ends, it’s a sure sign that you’ve waited a little too long in between haircuts.

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