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How To Prevent Tangled Hair From Scarves

With sweater weather comes scarves and with scarves sometimes comes knots and hair tangles. This article that the Moxie team found on Bustle has your tips for preventing any hair tangle nightmares.

How To Prevent Tangled Hair From Scarves

It’s not just long-haired lovelies that suffer from this issue, if your hair is long enough to be covered by your winter scarf, it can be at risk of ending up in a knotty mess. Although it would be awesome if, in reality, our strands could remain to look silky smooth and heal people à la Rapunzel in Disney’s Tangled, but unfortunately we live in the real world.

So here are a bunch of solutions to prevent tangled hair while wearing scarves.

1. Wear Hair Up & Out Of The Way

The most obvious method to keep hair from getting matted in your scarf is, of course, to whisk it up out of the way. Keep your hair detangled in your scarf by rocking a bun. Buns are great for maintaining styles. Just twist your hair around.

2. Use a Frizz or Static Spray

Static and frizz can lead to tangling, so use a purpose made product to tame your tresses.

3. Tuck Your Hair In Before Tying Your Scarf

Tucking your hair into your sweater or shirt before you put on your coat is always a good idea. That friction causes your hair to knot, so tuck your hair inside your top before you put your scarf on.

4. Use Fabric Softening Sheets

Although it sounds unusual, fabric softening sheets could come to your rescue during the scarf-wearing season. Fabric softening sheets are also great to rub on your hair to prevent unwanted static.

5. Use A Leave-In Conditioner

To prevent your hair from getting tangled underneath your scarf apply a bit of leave-in conditioner. Fingers crossed this will keep your hair moisturized and more under control.

6. Avoid Using Tons Of Product

A little product won’t harm and, as previously mentioned, could aid your situation, but it’s best to avoid too much. You should avoid over-using products like hairspray to keep your hair untangled and smooth.

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