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9 Best Hairstyles For Outdoor Activities

Hair Tips - The Moxie on Maple, Salon, NY

Fall and Winter activities like hiking and skiing call for a more “out of the way” hairstyle. This article that we found on Bustle gives nine different hairstyles for you to try during your outdoor activities.

9 Best Hairstyles For Outdoor Activities

Typically, low styles like braids, buns, and ponytails work great when you’re on the slopes. Stay away from high styles or loose styles — the last thing you need is a top knot uncomfortably squished in your helmet or your hairstyle falling apart and flying in your face. In addition to being uncomfortable (and a little nerve-wracking) it can also be dangerous: You need full visibility in this sport!

Below are some of my favorite active hairstyles for any sport, whether you’re skiing or just sledding down the mountain.

1. Braid Styles

Braids are a great option for skiing or boarding, and they are so versatile, you can create your very own unique look. Plus, they don’t fall apart when you’re taking your helmet on and off. Win.

2. French Braid For Natural Hair

If french braids are too intimidating for you, not to worry — this tutorial breaks it down in the simplest way so even beginners can follow along.

3. Low Pony

The low pony option in this tutorial is one of my favorites — it’s so simple, and you’ll appreciate that when you wake up bright and early to hit the runs.

4. Dutch braids

These dutch braids will have you skiing in comfort and style.

5. Low Pony Double Braid

Split your hair for a middle part, braid each side and pull back for a really pretty pony that won’t leave your bangs flying in your face.

6. Half-Back Hair

Want to leave your hair down? This half-back tutorial is perfect if you have a manageable amount of hair (not thick).

7. Sleek Low Bun

If you have curly hair and are looking for a way to style it back into a sleek, simple low bun, check this tutorial out.

8. Headband Braids

If you’re looking for a cute style to go with ear warmers, these headband braids are a great option.

9. Braided Low Bun

A low bun is a pretty look that keeps your hair under control. You can play it up by creating two mini low buns or a side bun.

Click here to view the full article on Bustle, complete with tutorial videos for each hairstyle listed.