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How To Grow Your Hair Faster

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How To Grow Your Hair Faster

Getting into the following habits will help ensure that magical half-an-inch appears every month or so and that your hair will remain as healthy as possible. They involve altering your diet, investing in the right products, and starting a proper weekly routine. And they’ve all been recommended by experts.

1. Alter Your Lifestyle

Getting enough sleep is important for quicker hair growth. So is regular exercise, which improves blood circulation in the body and stimulates growth in hair follicles.

But diet is equally as vital. If you follow a balanced diet, this can speed up the growth of your hair, and not eating well-balanced meals can actually lead to the slowing down of hair growth.

2. Invest In Supplements

If you embark on a healthy well-balanced diet, you shouldn’t theoretically need supplements. But if you want a helping hand, there are plenty of options out there. Protein supplements are worthwhile as the hair is made of a protein called keratin. Anything containing biotin, omegas, and vitamin B is worth looking into too.

Arguably the beauty industry’s best-kept secret, studies have shown this wonder vitamin to make hair thicker and stronger, also nourishing the follicles to boost growth.

3. Don’t Skip Conditioner

The worst thing you can do for your hair is skipping conditioner. Conditioner refortifies the cuticle with a protective coating, allowing the hair to keep growing and not break easily.

4. Pay Attention To Your Scalp

Keeping your scalp in good shape is super important when trying to grow your hair. Not only is it advisable to use an exfoliating scalp mask once a week to remove dead skin, but it is also a good idea to try massaging your scalp.

To stimulate blood circulation and send more nutrients to your roots, either use all of your fingers to touch your scalp and gently pull on the hair. Or dip your fingers into a citrus oil of your choice and tap your scalp in a gentle but quick motion.

5. Treat Your Hair Nicely

Look after your hair as if it was a living breathing thing because, in effect, it is. Get your hair cut regularly to stop split ends traveling further up each strand of hair and halting growth.

Be gentle in everything you do. That involves not brushing too harshly and avoiding any treatment relating to heat or chemicals. If you can’t give them up completely, try cutting back on how often you use them.

Don’t expect a sudden miracle. But, with a little patience and dedication, you could be on the way to having the hair of your dreams.

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