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11 Hairstyles to Wear All Summer Long

Looking for your perfectly easy summer go-to hairstyle? This article we found on Cosmopolitan has a few different super easy, but really cute hairstyles you should give a try!

11 Hairstyles to Wear All Summer Long

Although you may be dreaming of warmer weather right now, let us not forget what summer actually entails: sweating, humidity, and oppressive heat—so, you know, maybe not the best time to try out new bangs. Since you’ll probably want to keep your hair off your neck or out of your face more often than not, you’ll need a lot of hairstyle inspo to last through those sticky months. And that’s where I come in.

Ahead, 11 super-easy styles to screenshot and keep in mind the next time the temperature heats up and you get thisclose to just cutting off all your hair.

1. Pineapple Ponytail

The higher, the looser, and the curlier the pony, the better. Gently scoop up all your curls at the crown of your head and secure them with a scrunchie or claw clip, letting your hair spill forward, almost like bangs. Use this method while your curls air-dry, or just wear it like the cool style it is.

2. A Hat and Pigtails

Yes, you’re a little limited on hairstyles when it comes to wearing hats, but a low bun isn’t your only option. For the pigtails shown here, divide your hair in half down the middle and bring the sections in front of your shoulders. To add the poufs, space tiny elastics down the tails in equal distances, then gently tug the hair in each section to add the volume and a bubble effect.

3. Pinned Back

Curls and humidity can be the best of friends with a few cute accessories…and a few fewer f*cks. Crisscross your pins in a cool pattern, as seen here, to keep what you need to out of your face while letting the rest of your hair do its thing.

4. A Bandanna Bun

Just the thought of a handkerchief around my neck makes me all hot and bothered (and not in a good way), but one tied around a half-bun? Pretty and practical.

5. Lots of Braids

Sure, braids aren’t the easiest to perfect and definitely not the quickest to get done, but once your hair is set, you’ve pretty much got a no-maintenance hairstyle for a full month. Wear your braids down, tie them back, or pull them into a half-up bun.

6. Messy Topknot

We’ve all done a messy bun before, but it doesn’t mean the style isn’t still cute (especially if you pull out a few wispy, face-framing layers to hang around your face). Bonus: You don’t have to worry about getting a sunburned part because your hair will be pulled back in the sun.

7. Barrettes With Bangs

You know what’s not conducive to cute bangs? Forehead sweat. Part your hair down the middle and pin your fringe to each side, as shown here. Make the style feel elevated, not childlike, by using metal barrettes instead of plain bobby pins.

8. A Soft Twist

If you’re already a big fan of the messy bun, try amping it up with a French-twist-topknot hybrid. To keep it fresh and not too stiff, leave the ends of your hair loose and pull out some pieces around your face.

9. Sleek and Slicked

Sometimes you gotta work with the humidity, not against it. A wet look that’s slicked back with styling cream is way easier to work with than a stick-straight blowout on a muggy summer day. And the best part? Your sweat will blend right in.

10. Wrapped Up

Grab that summer scarf you never know how to wear and stick the end of it through the elastic at the base of your ponytail. Twist your hair and the scarf together, wrapping and pinning it into a low bun. Leave the ends of the scarf out for a softer finish.

11. A Pretty Pinned Pony

If you like wearing your hair down in the middle of the hot summer months, you can pretty much expect to have to tie it up at some point. Or you can start off with a pretty ponytail like this one and not have to mess with it later. Clearly, there’s a better option here, but just sayin’.

Click here to view the original article complete with example pictures of each hairstyle.