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Have You Seen These Hair Trends Yet?

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This year has been full of new hair trends – both retro-inspired and futuristic-inspired. This article with some of the top-trending hairstyles comes from Harpers Bazaar.

Have You Seen These Hair Trends Yet?

If you haven’t noticed yet, take a look around. It’s probably safe to assume that 2019 is the official year of the hair accessory. This year, headbands and sparkly barrettes are making their statements and matching your outfit with your hair color is something you’ll see on the red carpets.


Think about a HUGE headband that takes up most of your head. Hatbands have become a beauty icon that has been seen on the Prada runway this spring/summer.

Blue. Period.

If you’re familiar with Kylie Jenner’s look, she kicked off 2019 by dyeing her platinum hair a powdery blue shade. Since the beauty mogul spawns trends almost every day of her life, you can expect to see this shade of blue all over Instagram very soon.

Matchy Matchy

The colorful hair trend actually kicked off on the Marc Jacobs spring/summer 2019 runway, where dozens of models had their hair dyed varying shades of pastel to perfectly match the colors of the fabrics in the collection.

Little Black Bow

If you buy one hair accessory this year, make it a velvet hair bow. From the royals to the red carpet, hair bows are having a moment. The best part is you don’t have to spend a lot to get on the trend – and wearing on is as simple as tying to around a ponytail or snapping a bowed barrette into a pulled-back style.

Sky-High Hair

The spring runways brought us the biggest hair trend of the year – literally. Big hair is back, and the more voluminous, the better.

Blunt Bob

The ’90s beauty resurgence isn’t going anywhere in 2019. Care in point: blunt bobs are the haircut everyone will be wearing come spring.

Extra Inches

This is the year of hair extremes. If your hair isn’t in a blunt bob, then it should be touching the floor. Well, almost.

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