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How to Shampoo Color-Treated Hair

Color-Treated Hair Tips - The Moxie On Maple Ave, Salon, Saratoga, NY

If you have color-treated hair it is important to take proper care of your locks. This article that we found on Marie Claire discusses how to properly shampoo color-treated hair.

How to Shampoo Color-Treated Hair

Below are four things to avoid when shampooing color-treated hair.

Mistake 1: Washing your hair with the wrong shampoo.

If you’re not using a shampoo and conditioner created specifically for colored hair, rectify the problem immediately. Look for products labeled “sulfate-free”. Products like this are generally free of ingredients that are known to strip dull and damaged hair and leave your hair with the good stuff that will hydrate your locks and keep your dye job pure for a few more weeks.

Mistake 2: Washing your hair too much.

The more you wash your hair, the quicker your color fades. Instead of daily washes, aim for two or three days a week. If that’s an order you just can’t follow, meet halfway. Skip the shampoo every day, rinsing and applying conditioner to the ends of hair instead.

Mistake 3: Washing your hair at the end of your shower.

Max out the amount of time conditioner can do its work by shampooing early and getting right to business. It’s best to wash your hair when you first get in the shower, so the cuticle is still closed. Follow that by leaving in your conditioner on for as long as you can. Healthy hair retains color better than damaged hair, so dedicating yourself to a routine will pay off with gorgeous color.

Mistake 4: Washing your hair with lukewarm water.

Blasting your hair with boiling hot water on the daily isn’t a recipe for healthy strands, but keeping the dial firmly in the center means you’re missing out on the power of steam. New products come out every day that are designed to harness the cuticle-opening power of high temperatures and deliver rich moisture. When using these hair masks, turn up the dial post-shampoo and pre-mask and relax, letting your hair soak up as much of the good stuff as possible.

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