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How To Talk To Your Stylist

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Getting the perfect hairstyle all starts with developing that special relationship with your stylist. This article we found on Refinery29 talks tips on how to communicate with your hairstylist.

How To Talk To Your Stylist

Follow these seven steps for talking to your stylist and start getting the hair you actually want.

1. Come in wearing your regular ‘do.

Showing up in your everyday hairstyle makes it easier for a hairdresser to read your personal style without you having to use too many words. It gives them an idea of what your hair actually looks like on a day-to-day basis and how you feel most comfortable wearing it.

Try to avoid squeezing in a gym session before, rolling out of bed with bed-hair, or taking a shower right before and coming in with damp hair.

If you have curly hair, keep in mind your stylist may want to cut your dry, so don’t load up on too many sticky creams or gels.

2. Eye contact is a must.

Studies have shown that eye contact is one of the most effective tips for communication and it’s actually essential for bridging the language barrier with your stylist.

If they can see you struggling to discern the difference between a textured bob and a piece-y shag, your eye will tell them and they can take that opportunity to explain in greater detail.

3. Make sure they are listening.

A good stylist will repeat back to you what they’ve heard you say to make sure you’re on the same page. This is a great opportunity to make sure you’re communicating clearly. If you aren’t getting what you want, tell them!

4. Don’t be afraid to speak up.

Your stylist wants you to be happy with your hair, come back again, and refer your friends, so a little over-communication is appreciated.

If your stylist uses a term like balayage, lob, or curtain bangs, and you don’t quite understand, stop them and ask them to explain what they mean.

5. Tell them what you’re like.

Let your stylist know your personal style preferences, lifestyle, and your hair’s personality and quirks.

Tell them your hair’s safety blankets, because they know you have them. Do you HAVE to be able to get all of it into a ponytail when you go to the gym? Do you love your chic pixie but instantly feel like a bro without those tiny bits of hair in front of your ears? Are you scared of having “mom hair”? Tell them your fears.

A good stylist will use all of this info to create a custom look that will work for you. Also, if you’re having trouble finding the words to describe what you want, telling them what you don’t want helps too.

6. Visual communication is universal.

When in doubt, bring pictures. Pinterest is your friend here. Start a board of hair you like. If you can’t find pictures of the exact style you’re going for, find ‘dos with elements you like. You can tell your stylist things like, “I like her bangs” or “I like how her hair is angled here.”

The more pictures you show, the better. Hairstylists tend to work their creative magic best when there are visual elements available, so don’t be shy!

7. Be realistic!

We all want Victoria’s Secret bombshell hair, but most of us are dreaming. When choosing a hairdo, take a realistic look at your lifestyle, tress type, amount of styling you want to do every day, and the investment you want to make.

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We want you to love your hair! If you have any questions, comments, or concerns during your appointment with us at The Moxie on Maple, please don’t hesitate to bring them up to your stylist.