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Highlights vs Lowlights

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Are you thinking about changing up your style but you’re not exactly sure what you’re looking for? This article from discusses the difference between highlights and lowlights and techniques used to apply them.

Highlights vs Lowlights

If you have ever had your hair colored or done a little research into what kind of options are out there, you probably know that highlights and lowlights are often talked about together. But what exactly is the difference and do you really need both?

What’s the difference?

Many people believe highlights are blonde and lowlights are black or brown, but it’s a little more nuanced than that. Highlights are always lighter than the base color, while lowlights are always darker than the base color. In both cases, the contrast can be as subtle as even on shade different.

Highlights are applied to lighten the hair, whereas lowlights are used to add depth. Lowlights are not always necessary, but with very bright tones like platinum or hair that has been repeatedly highlighted, they give the look more dimension.

How they’re applied.

There are many different ways to apply both highlights and lowlights to your hair, and two of the most common are the balayage method and foils.

Balayage is a freehand technique where the dye is applied to individual pieces of hair in a sweeping motion, almost as if you are painting certain pieces of hair. Usually, the color starts a few inches down from the scalp to create natural-looking sunkissed color, not unlike ombre hair.

Foils, on the other hand, produce a more uniform finish, blending more with the base color. This makes them better suited to less dramatic, all-over lightening.

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