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7 Cardinal Hair Rules for New Blondes

How to Care for Blonde Hair - The Moxie on Maple Ave, Saratoga, NY

Do you have blonde hair? It’s important that you follow these guidelines we found on InStyle to help protect your strands and keep them healthy.

7 Cardinal Hair Rules for New Blondes

For those who are blonde or thinking or going blonde, this regimen will keep your locks healthy and looking great:

Wash Less—Much Less.

Cutting down on the shampoos is one of the most important things you need to do after you go blonde. When you are lifting the hair, it tends to be on the drier side, so shampooing your hair too often can further strip it of its natural oils.

Wait a full two days after your initial appointment to give it a scrub. On top of that, continued washing can fade your color, or bring on brass.

Purchase Shampoo Wisely.

Purple is your power move. While picking up a lilac-hued shampoo is of the utmost importance to prevent fading and warping, you should use a purple conditioner and go into your salon for regular glosses. This should keep your hard-earned shade in-tact.

Use Masks.

Your hair is going to be extra thirsty on a regular basis. Use a deep conditioning mask about once a week.

Go Sulfate and Alcohol-Free.

Avoid products that have alcohol in them, which could further dry out the hair, in addition to exclusively using a sulfate-free shampoo.

Use Protection.

When people see breakage, they assume it must be from the color, but a lot of the time it’s actually from using high heat on freshly lightened hair. You’ll want to be sure to use heat protectant sprays before touching a wand to your strands. Also, be sure to lower the temps so you’re not frying off your hair in the process of making it wavy.

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