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The Best Hair Brush for Your Hair Type

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You might not realize it, but you might be using the wrong brush for your hair type. This article from Glamour discusses the different types of brushes best suited for your hair type.

The Best Hair Brush for Your Hair Type

As far as hair tools go, few are as massively undervalued as the humble brush. To make things easier, we enlisted the help of top stylists who break down the exact types of bristles that play best with every type of hair.

Fine Hair: Boar Bristles

A brush made from pure boar bristles isn’t bad for thick hair, but they really shine on women with finer hair thanks to the fact that they’re super-gentle—a perk for delicate texture. Boar bristles glide right through hair, so they don’t pull or snag.

Curly Hair: Nylon Mixed With Boar Bristles

Brushes with mixed bristles are especially beneficial for curly hair because the blend provides a lot of tension and creates high shine on curls and waves. This type of brush is also key if you’re looking to add volume to your hair, especially when the bristles are widely spaced.

Medium-Thick Hair: Nylon Bristles

A nylon brush is versatile, but it’s best for someone with medium-to-thick density because the bristles’ flexibility makes detangling super-easy. Nylon brushes are also champs at distributing product evenly before wrangling a hairdryer.

Natural Hair: Denman Brushes

Denman Brushes’ rubber base helps minimize static and provides enough tension to help smooth out your hair’s cuticle, while the rounded pins on the nylon bristles allow safe and gentle penetration.

For Added Body: Metal Round Brush

A metal round brush can be used on extremely straight hair to give your hairstyle more bounce, curl and volume. Used with a hairdryer, the barrel heats up like a curling iron, which produces similar results. And, like curling irons, the size of the barrel defines the size of the curls.

Short Hair: Vented Brushes

These are best for a rough dry job or when you’re pressed for time, especially on short or shoulder-length hair. The holes allow air to pass through, making the process a lot quicker.

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