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Super Sleek Hair in 4 Easy Steps

Looking to get that Kim Kardashian super straight hair? This article has great tips and tricks on how to achieve that look.

Super Sleek Hair in 4 Easy Steps

According to Marjan, Kim Kardashian’s stylist, “Don’t worry if you’re concerned about damaging your hair by putting a flat iron on it – which you will need to do to achieve this look.

This can be done on all hair textures as long as the hair has been prepped properly and changes are made to accommodate the hair type. As long as you’re using the right tools and products, heat damage is no concern.”

Marjan also says that you can make this style last two to three days with proper care, including spraying dry shampoo at the roots and massaging it in, followed by using a blow dryer on hair with a ceramic round brush.

Follow this step-by-step guide to achieve this Kardashian look in no time!

Prep the hair

Prep the hair with a shine serum then blow dry the hair with the nozzle attachment facing down for a super sleek, shiny blowout.

Pro tip: Keep the hair as flat to the head as possible while drying for minimal volume.

Section the hair

Section the hair into three parts (left, right, and back), brush a 1 to 1.5″ section of the hair from roots to ends, then follow the brush with your flat iron.

Pro tip: Leave your hair in the brush for a moment when you get to the ends so the hair cools down, then release.

After flat ironing

After the hair is flat ironed, use your hands to press the hair against the scalp and use the cool shit of the blowdryer to set it.

Spray a toothbrush

Spray a toothbrush with hairspray and gently brush the hair around the face and brush down any flyaway strands.

Pro tip: If you experience frizz or static throughout the day, gently pat a serum or dryer sheet over the hair to tame it.

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