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July 13, 2018
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August 1, 2018
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Goldwell Kerasilk Keratin Control Service

The Moxie - Goldwell Kerasilk Keratin Control Service

If you are looking for a healthy and beneficial alternative to the ever-popular Brazillian Blowout that is often lauded as being full of formaldehyde then look no further.  We want to introduce you to the Goldwell Kerasilk Control Service.  This treatment will last you from 3 to 5 months when the products are used alongside the Goldwell Control Keratin Treatment.

These products are a revolutionary luxury hair care line that delivers long-lasting hair transformation providing beauty, strength, and protection.  This is because the new Kerasilk with Keratransform Technology™ (KT³™)fuses the power of three superior ingredients to deliver powerful transformations.

The first two ingredients — engineered Keratin and lightweight silk — contribute to the structural support and long-lasting color protection. Together, these form the foundation for all Kerasilk formulas. The third advanced ingredient, inspired by the skin care scene, delivers specialized results specific to each of the Kerasilk four segments. Together, the combination of ingredients propels Kerasilk to the forefront of the industry, delivering the perfect transformation of beauty, strength, and protection.

This impressive, multi-pronged approach propels Kerasilk to the forefront of luxury hair care innovation — the foundation for the perfect transformation of beauty, strength, and protection.


What if you could kiss her frizzy hair good-bye and win back control?

The Kerasilk Keratin Treatment Service provides long-lasting transformation into perfectly smooth and soft hair for up to 3–5 months. The secret: the KT3 combination of engineered Keratin, lightweight silk and high-performing KeraShape Technology with Glyoxilic Acid.

So how is this all possible?  Glad you asked!  Let’s take a closer look at the products!

Kerasilk Control Purifying Shampoo

We will start with a good deep cleaning hair wash (or 3!) so that we can make sure that all product or any other environmental contaminants are removed from your hair so that the best possible results can be achieved.  This shampoo will do all of this heavy lifting while managing to stay gentle on your hair as it prepares your hair to receive the Goldwell Kerasilk Keratin Treatment.

Kerasilk Control Keratin Smooth

This product is a thermo-active step that will help tame your unruly curly hair and transforms it into smooth, soft hair that feels like silk.

Kerasilk Control Keratin Shape

Another thermo-active product that helps your hair maintain it’s new shape.  From curly to straight, this product delivers silky smooth hair that is healthy and soft to touch.

Kerasilk Control Finishing Cream Serum

This step contains engineered Keratin, lightweight silk, and Glyoxylic acid.  This step also seals in the effect of the KERASILK KERATIN TREATMENT and minimizes odor, as well as adds heat protection for your hair.

Once your treatment is finished we always suggest products that are going to help support and maintain the treatment that we just spent all that time on!  These suggestions will include Goldwell Kerasilk Control Shampoo and Conditioner, Kerasilk Control Smoothing Fluid, Kerasilk Control Rich Protective Oil, and the Kerasilk Control Humidity Barrier Spray.  These products are all amazing at helping you maintain your hair and prolong the effects of your keratin treatment.  If you have any questions about any of these products, be sure to contact us!  If you are ready to schedule your keratin treatment to get your unruly hair to fall into line with your smooth hair wishes, be sure to book your appointment today!