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July 4, 2018
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Summer Hair Color Tips

The Moxie - Summer Hair Color Tips

It’s summer and the heat is on!  We love all the freedoms that summer brings, especially the fun things all of our marvelous Moxie Mavens bring us!  We have noticed that many of our clients love to switch up their hair color in the summer.  However, some just are not sure what to do.  So, as we always do, we went looking for some great resources to help us explain!  That is when we came across this article that we just had to share.

Summer is one of the most popular times for women to change their hair color. Unfortunately, summer is also one of the harshest seasons on the hair. No matter what hue you choose, it is important to find a shade that works with your lifestyle and coloring. It’s also essential to take care of your hair properly throughout the warmer months so that your color stays beautiful.

Choose Your Hue

Although many women think blonde for summer, you can choose from many different shades of color and coloring techniques to achieve a look that is right for you.

Add Modern Highlights

Basic blonde highlights, starting at the part, used to be a popular summertime hair color option. While this is still a popular option for natural blondes, these highlights aren’t as common anymore on darker hair color shades. Instead:

  • Add highlights that are just one or two shades lighter than your natural color. This will add dimension to your locks while giving your hair a sun-kissed summer look.
  • If you want to go lighter all over, with a full head of blonde highlights, don’t simply settle for just plain blonde. Choose a lighter hue that complements your skin tone; this may mean a more golden or dirty blonde color.

Try Two-Toned Hair

When you are looking for summertime hair color, highlights aren’t your only option.

  • If you want to lighten your hair slightly for summer without having your hair look streaky, you can color the top section of your hair a lighter color, while leaving the bottom section of your hair in its natural state.
  • This look is more edgy, so consider your overall personality and lifestyle before committing to a two-toned color.

Lighten Up with Surfer Hair

The surfer hair color look has also been popular in recent years and gives hair a really different look.

  • Instead of lighter highlights on the top of the head, highlights are applied to the middle and bottom layers of the hair. This still gives hair a bit of lighter color and breaks up monochromatic hair, but there is less need for upkeep as roots aren’t as noticeable.
  • Try this hair color style for summer if you want to spice up your look but want a low-maintenance commitment.

Add Red Tones

Red shades have become popular summer color choices as well. Red tones complement many different skin types, and warmer red-toned hair really shines in the sun.

  • When choosing a red-toned hair color, you don’t always have to go for a bright red color. Coppery brown colors have just enough red in them in making the color really stand out.
  • Natural blondes can try strawberry-blonde highlights to add a different dimension of color to lighter locks.

Go with a Darker Color

When it comes to summer hair color, many times people only think about coloring their hair lighter. However, dark hair also works for summer.

  • When choosing a darker hair color for summer, try to use a warmer brown color. Dark hair color with warmth looks great in the sunlight and will keep brunette hair from looking too dark or black.
  • If you are dying your hair darker, however, keep in mind that it may fade more easily during the summer months. It will be essential to keep hair protected from sun and chlorine in order to keep the color rich.

For the rest of this article go to hair.lovetoknow.com.  If you are ready to make a hair color change, be sure to book your appointment today!