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May 18, 2018
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Hair Damage: 3 Mistakes You Are Making Right Now

The Moxie On Maple - Hair Damage 3 Mistakes You Are Making Right Now

The weather is finally heating up, and you may be pulling your hair up to avoid sweaty neck.  Or maybe you are using that flatiron every day to fight frizz.  But did you know that you may be causing more damage to your hair?  We know all of the signs to look for, and we know how to help you fight that damage so it should come as no surprise that we found this excellent resource on

3 Mistakes That Are Damaging Your Hair
1. You pull your hair too tightly into a bun, pony or braids every day.
Repeatedly pulling hair tight stresses follicles and can hinder healthy growth, which may lead to breakage at the temple and hairline, thinning, and even hair loss says trichologist Elizabeth Cunnane Phillips. Switch up your style or keep your pony loose and secure it with a seamless fabric hair tie—elastics with metal can cause breakage.

2. You welcome summer by lightening your hair color.
Bleaching agents weaken hair, making it more susceptible to damage, says Mark Debolt, colorist at the Marie Robinson Salon in NYC. Post-coloring, make a hair mask your BFF: If you’re a brunette with highlights, look for a color-protective mask to prevent brassiness; a protein-rich mask is best for blondes. And apply a UV-protectant spray before going outside.

3. You constantly flatiron or curl your hair to fight frizz.
Heat styling depletes hair of moisture, causing dullness and breakage, says Phillips. If you must use hot tools, try a hydrating shampoo and conditioner and a strengthening hair mask weekly; before styling, apply a heat-protectant spray. Even though you may be able to heat your tool up to 450 degrees, dial it back to about half that.

This article was originally published at  If you are finding signs that your hair is suffering from damage from any of these or any other source, be sure to contact us.  We have a variety of treatments that can help restore your hair’s health as well as products that you can purchase that will help support any treatment we do in the salon.