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April 12, 2018
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May 14, 2018
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Goldwell Color Zoom Collection 2018 – The making of ELEMENTAL

Have we ever told you that we love to work with Goldwell products?  Or that we love Goldwell as a company?  Well, we LOVE Goldwell.  One of the greatest things about this company is that they inspire and celebrate innovation and imagination.  As a company, they issue a challenge every year called Color Zoom.  Every year brings a wild new theme that marries hair and fashion in such a way that it will transport you to a whole new level.  As a team of stylists, this challenge pushes us to dream and opens up our imagination in fun and exciting new ways!

This year, Goldwell has come out with the Color Zoom Collection – Elemental.  We are in love with these vibrant colors that they have used in this collection and the fun and funky ways that they are used and married with each models haircut texture.

Amazing fashion meets stunning hairdressing artistry – that’s Color Zoom. At its heart there’s the Color Zoom Collection. Designed by the Global Winners of the Color Zoom Challenge together with two of Goldwell’s International Artists it inspires stylists to push the limits of their creativity.


The new normal emerges like a new dawn. Technology surrounds us and propels us forward while simultaneously
driving us to re-engage with our elemental selves, creating a new energy. The visionary and the elemental come together: Rawness meets refinement. Solidity merges with translucency.


Tone-on-tone colors play with contrasting colors. Modern minimalistic shapes bear a rough, primal edge.
Airy handcrafted shapes express future-forward styling. Fuse technology with creativity and return to the primal.

To get a feel for more of this awesome collection take a look at some of the styles and colors that the top pro’s put together here!

We think that the innovation that goes into syles like this is what keeps both the small shops like ours and the huge shops in other places on our toes and reaching for the next amazing change.  We hope that you enjoy learning more!  If you are inspired by what you have seen or just want to learn more about how we can help you find a similar style, book an appointment today!