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Turn Up The Volume With Kerasilk Repower

The Moxie on Maple Ave - Turn Up The Volume With Kerasilk Repower

They say that everything in Texas is bigger, including hair.  Well, we are in Saratoga Springs, NY and we are here to show Texas that we love hair with lots of volume too!  We are able to achieve this with the help of one of our favorite products from Goldwell.  We are talking about Kerasilk Repower!  It starts with a treatment in the salon and lasts in combination with products that you take home with you.

Kerasilk Repower is here to give you that beautiful hair with lots of body and volume.  You can count on a long-lasting transformation from fine, limp hair to beautiful volumized hair for up to 10 washes with the proper products to use at home to support the treatment.

So how does this treatment work for you?  Well, the invigorating Goldwell formula that includes Keratin and Elastin actively interacts with your hair’s structure.  The formula allows the Keratin and Elastin to penetrate deeply into the hair strand to strengthen it from the inside out.  This, in turn, enhances the resilience and elasticity of your hair strands structure.  This will give you amazing volumized, bodified and fuller looking hair from the root to the tip.

In the salon we start your service with washing your hair with Kerasilk Repower.  This shampoo is gentle and lightweight and will provide a perfect foundation for the rest of the steps that we take.  Next, we apply the Intensive Volume Treatment.  This will help to distribute the keratin and elastin into your hair and will build your hairs body and strength as well as help structure your hair for more volume.  The last step that we take is to apply the Volume Intensifying Post Treatment.  This works in combination with the first two steps to give an added volume boost.

Once your treatment is done and we style your hair for you we will recommend some (or maybe all) of the following products to you to take home to help your results last.  Of course, we always recommend that you take the shampoo and conditioner.  These two products alone will help to maintain your result for more washes than if you just use what you already have in your shower.

Now, this treatment is only predicted to last for 10 washes.  This is where an amazing dry shampoo comes into play!  Kerasilk has made a Volume Dry Shampoo.  This will cleanse and refresh your hair without the need for water like a traditional wash.  This will also help to protect any color you had added when you had our in-salon treatment done.

Lastly, we have the styling products for this amazing line.  The Volume Blow-Dry Spray is an amazing foundation that offers heat protection that will also give you instant combability, easy styling and that beautiful voluminous hair that you are trying to achieve.  The Volume Plumping Cream will offer heat protection but also provides instantly smooth yet volumized hair.  This product also will give you enhanced body with a soft hold.

We think that this line does an excellent job of delivering on their promises and think that if you are done with fine, limp hair that this is the solution that you need in your daily routine.  If you want to see all the reasons that we love this line in action, make sure that you book your appointment today.  We are sure that you will fall in love just like we have!