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Spring Style Watch: The 12 Trends To Help You Choose Your Next Color

The Moxie On Maple - Spring Style Watch

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Winter is trying to cling to the region but Spring is totally on its way.  So to get ourselves even more psyched for the new season we went looking for what is getting some major attention these days.  We were not disappointed and we don’t think that you will be either!  We are so stoked for these hair color trends!  So take a look at what we found and start planning.

Pale Blonde with Defined Roots

If you adore Margot Robbie’s look then this will be the color for you.  What you are going to ask your stylist for here is balayage that utilizes a pale, creamy blonde and leaving about an inch or so of defined roots.  Your stylist will then paint the bleach onto your hair so that when it grows out, it will still look beautiful and not leave any harsh lines of demarcation.

Pastel Hues

Rainbow colors are always all the rage come summer.  However, the trend now is more pastel than punk.  The type of hue that we are seeing more of these days is very reminiscent of makeup.  Stunning and subtle like a pastel pink-nude that adds blush to the skin or even those dreamy blues and violets that will make you think of eyeshadow shades.

Warm Brunette

A switch from the soft to warm black shades of last year, brunettes are starting to lighten up a bit!  These tones are rich and warm and do not have as much contrast to your skin.  There is more glimmer and dimension to this gorgeous trend.

Sun-Kissed Reds

Still erring on the caramel side but with more sun-kissed pieces, this adds a touch of sparkle to your hair color to keep it from taking on just one solid red.  To get the look, ask your stylist for highlights that blend into the red hue.

Bright Platinum

The fall of the grayish platinum hair has given rise to hot, bright white-silver platinum tone.  This will give you a look that is more futuristic not gray.  To keep your platinum hue bright, be sure to check out an amazing purple shampoo.

Golden Bronde

We are seeing more and more golden, warm and chestnut tones and more distance from dark blonde and dark brown colors.  We suggest that if you already have blonde hair, ask your stylist to add just a bit of warmth and a few lowlights.  If you are starting on the darker side, ask for a lifting base and add sun-kissed highlights to achieve this golden bronde hue.

Rich Chestnut Brown

We don’t tend to see too many brunettes that want brassiness in their hair but with this trend, we are seeing a red tint being added.  Starting with a dark chestnut and adding hints of red will give a vibrant richness to your hair.

Golden Honey

Utilize any roots that you have and add lighter face-framing pieces to a golden honey blonde base.  Again, we suggest that you ask for balayage to achieve this more natural look.

Medium Brown With Light Auburn Highlights

If you are a brunette who loves her color then you will love this because you will only add some subtle sun-kissed pieces throughout your hair.  The auburn that you will add with give warmth and depth to your hair!

Copper Strawberry

Love your red strands but want to add a touch of brightness?  This tone will not destroy your gorgeous red but also add some skin warming notes to those ladies that tend to stay on the fairer side.  One of the most gorgeous natural shades we have seen in a while!

Caramel Brown

When looking to stay on the darker side of hair color, we will look at the texture of your hair and ply off of what is there naturally.  By adding wave enhancing caramel tips you can achieve this look.  Simply ask your stylist to richen up the base so that it becomes super shiny and add a lighter shade on the ends and around your face.

Deep Brown

If you are already a natural brunette you will want to ask your stylist to go two shades darker and then finish with a lighter gloss around your face and mid-length to ends to add shine and definition.

So there you have it!  Twelve shades that you can try that run the full spectrum.  We love all of these trends and are ready to help you achieve a look like you have never seen before!  Don’t forget that you can add your defrizz special to your hair coloring appointment for just $45 too.  Why wait?  Book your appointment now!