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Styling Products for Texturized Hair
March 8, 2018
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March 28, 2018
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Kerasilk Control by Goldwell

With Spring in the air, we are sure that you are suffering from dry frizzy hair from this extraordinarily long winter we have had.  That is why we are getting so very excited about our spring special that features the Kerasilk Control lineup of products!  First of all, we adore Kerasilk by Goldwell!  Kerasilk is the revolutionary luxury hair care line that you can trust will deliver long-lasting hair transformation without compromising beauty or strength.

The technology behind these products is pretty darn cool too!  Goldwell utilizes Kerasilk KT3 transformative technology in these products.  The Kerasilk KT3 fuses the power of 3 superior ingredients that will deliver the most powerful result that you have ever worn on your head.  Kerasilk itself is named for its first 2 ingredients – engineered keratin and lightweight silk.  These first 2 ingredients contribute to the structural support and long-lasting color protection for your hair.

The third ingredient was inspired by skincare and delivers specialized results that are specific to each of the Kerasilk product lines.  These ingredients all combine to propel Kerasilk to the forefront of the industry and delivers the most amazing transformation of beauty, strength, and protection offered to your hair.

You too can move from frustrated with your unruly frizzy hair to absolutely fabulous!  The Kerasilk Control Defrizz service provides a great solution and delivers long-lasting transformation with Goldwell’s exclusive KeraShape Technology.  This long-lasting transformation will smooth your hair and keep the frizz controlled for up to 4-6 weeks with proper take home support products.  The in-salon Keratin Defrizz service will control your hair’s natural shape by allowing the KeraShape ingredients to actively interact with your hair’s structure.  The treatment itself will penetrate the hair and help to reshape the hair structure leaving the surface smoothened, softened and frizz free!

Now, this is not a miracle treatment that requires no maintenance from you.  And the results are only said to last 4-6 weeks.  When you come into the salon for this treatment we will advise you on which products you should take home to help to maintain your results.  This will come in the form of shampoo and conditioner that is formulated to work in unison with the treatment.  At home, the shampoo will gently cleanse and smooth your hair and the conditioner will further smooth and tame by utilizing the same Keratin and Liquid Silk that is also in the salon treatment.  We may recommend the Kerasilk Control Intensive Smoothing Mask as well.  This will help the longevity of your treatment and will deliver long-lasting manageability control and insane shine.

Now we move into the fun products!  The Kerasilk Control line helps you to further your results with their Smoothing Fluid.  This is a great heat protector that will instantly smooth and tame your hair.  Add to that the Rich Protective Oil and you will add intense shine and provide humidity protection.  Freshly added to the styling products is the De-Frizz Primer.  This little beauty will help to prep your hair for blow-dry styling.  To round out the cast of amazing products is the Humidity Barrier Spray.  This gives a shiny, weightless finish that will shield your perfectly styled hair from high humidity and will block frizz.  Not enough goodness?  Kerasilk also offers Beautifying Hair Perfume.  The Kerasilk Control option offers “exquisite oriental notes combined with soft woods creating a warm aura”.  What this product does is to reactivate the freshly washed hair scent and provides a silky hair feel, a touch of shine and prevents static.

So as you can see, this line is pretty much amazing in every way!  The best news of all though?  We have a spring special that is built around this incredible treatment!  You can come in for just this treatment for only $80 or if you are coming in for another service and want to add this one on, you can do so for just $45!  This is a pretty big deal so you are going to want to book your appointment now!!  We can’t wait to see you!