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Whip It Up With Surface Taffy Whip

Surface Taffy Whip

It’s no secret that we like to get funky in the salon.  And this product is just that plus being fun to use and good for your hair!  Even the name of it is fun, Taffy Whip!  This product comes from the Surface Styling line.  Surface has found a way to utilize natural sugars and corn starch that provides the most incredible hold that is strong yet flexible and helps a girl out with that anti-frizz that we all love!

Surface loves to boast it’s natural ingredients and this is for good reason!  Their mission is to provide high quality hair products that also don’t destroy the earth.  And that is a mission we can stand behind.  Surface utilizes renewable resources that are also so good for your hair.  They also combine these resources with science so you can rest assured that you are not dumping a random conglomeration onto your hair.  The very best part is that this science makes heat actually good for your hair while you are styling!

The people behind Surface know that most girls with hair on their heads use a blow dryer and other heat styling tools in their hair to achieve the look they want.  So why not formulate products that turn that normally damaging heat into something good!

So, why is Taffy Whip so amazing?  Well if you are looking to add texture but don’t want to commit to a style that is textured, this product will add that texture to your hair.  Taffy Whip is also build-able and helps you to “sculpt” your style.  Or if you are trying a curly look, this is the product you want to reach for to maintain those beautiful flexible curls.

Taffy Whip is great for both long and short hair and doesn’t care if your hair is straight or curly.  The best part, it’s formulated so that it can be used by both men and women!  That’s right ladies, you don’t have to hide the good stuff from the dude in your life because you know he is gonna try it and complain that it smells super fruity.

To use this product you will need to learn the “taffy clap”.  This is what you do to activate this product.  You will place a small amount of the product in your hand and clap to create strings that go into your hair.  This is why we say that this product is fun to use!

To see the Taffy Whip “taffy clap” in action, make sure you ask us about it the next time that you are in to see us!  If you have not booked your appointment make sure you do so today by clicking here!