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6 Hair Trends You’ll Want to Try This Spring
February 19, 2018
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Goldwell Silver Shampoo

The Moxie on Maple Ave - Goldwell Silver Shampoo

No matter if you are a woman of a certain age or if you just like your hair to fall within the cool blonde range, you want to keep it looking as fresh as possible.  Enter the silver shampoo.  But not just any silver shampoo, Goldwell Silver Shampoo! But don’t just take our word for it, here is what we found on the benefits of using a silver shampoo!

Silver shampoo. Sounds expensive, odd and complicated all at the same time, doesn’t it? But these shampoos are actually a lifesaver for faux blondies everywhere!

What is every colour chameleon’s worst nightmare? Brassy hair! Those with a darker mane, who have swapped their tresses for golden or icy blonde shades, have most likely experienced the inevitable moment when the once vibrant colour slowly fades and eventually loses all of its lustre.

On top of losing the colour in your hair, you may also start noticing a yellow or orange hue, peeking through your strands. Factors like the environment, weather, styling tools, and using the wrong hair products are some of the main culprits that can cause this. While unwanted brassy colours are unavoidable, it doesn’t mean they are impossible to avert. The solution? A silver shampoo.

One bottle of this hero product is packed with anti-yellowing ingredients that work to counteract brassiness, and also restore your hair’s lost tone. Whether you’re a bleach blonde, greying gracefully, or just cottoning to the trend, you can certainly benefit from using this type of toning shampoo. Below, we break down silver shampoo and its uses.

Silver shampoo: All you need to know about this blonde hair saviour

What is a silver shampoo?

Most commonly known as ‘purple shampoo’ or ‘toning shampoo’, a silver shampoo is a pigment-depositing product, which works to prevent coloured hair from turning yellow or orange.

The magic behind this shampoo actually works off the colour wheel theory, meaning that tones that are close to each other work harmoniously, while the opposite ones simply can’t.

Since purple and violet are the exact opposite of yellow and orange, applying a silver shampoo actually neutralises and cancels out these undertones present in your hair, making much higher blue ones, and thus restoring lost colours. After use, your tresses hue will look considerably brighter. (For the rest of this article go to

So where does Goldwell come into this equation?  Goldwell has an awesome Silver Shampoo that neutralizes unwanted yellow tones and helps to refine the cool effect of your blonde color.  Their formulation is as gentle as water on your hair and the FadeStop formula will help to minimize color fade with every use.

To learn more about this amazing shampoo go to  If you are looking for help correcting your brassy tones be sure to book your appointment today!