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February 5, 2018
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Goldwell Hair Color System – Topchic

The Moxie on Maple Ave - Goldwell Hair Color System - Topchic

In the age of knowing everything about the products being applied to your body or hair prior to application, we wanted to spend some time getting you comfortable with the hair color lines that we like to use here at The Moxie on Maple Ave!  We feel that it is important for the experience to allow our clients to know what is being deposited on their hair.  In this effort we would like to introduce our first line that we use.  This is the Goldwell Hair Color System known as Topchic.

Topchic is known as the intelligent color system.  Goldwell likes to say that:


And we have to agree that this is the mission we set out to accomplish every day here in the salon!  From fresh cuts to dynamic color we embrace this mission wholeheartedly!

So, what is so special about Topchic?  Glad you asked!  First and foremost, Topchic guarantees intense color that is full of brilliance in all dimentions.  Topchic gives 100% grey coverage and has lots of variety in color variations.  You are also getting the ultimate in durabliity.  You can count on your color lasting!  You will also receive evenness in color and tone from root (or regrowth) to tip.  All of this and 100% performance while not compromising the gentleness of the products on your hair.  You can rest assured that your hair will be beautifully colored with no resulting damage!

So why do we as a salon feel that Topchic is a must in your hair color bag of tricks?  Well, the performance of this color line is proven by it’s 60 plus patents.  The Integrated Protect System is the intelligent color system that has the most state of the art formula.  This formula has been developed over 40 years of experience in the professional hair color artistry industry.  Topchic uses a patented Coenzyme Technology that will intelligently prevent your hair from being damaged because it neutralizes free radicals.  This gives Topchic extraordinary color tonality with gentleness and durability.  Lastly the system uses their patented Equalizer Polymer which smoothes the hair cuticle.  It will also equalize any structural difference in your hair for superior  evenness from the root to the tip of the hair!  With the patented Intra-Lipid that is integrated into the Topchic Lotion that will give you amazing smooth hair touch.

We hope that you are able to see the absolute value of this hair color system as we absolutely love to use it here at The Moxie on Maple Ave.  If you are ready to start talking about getting your color fresh and ready to greet the Spring then be sure to book your appointment today!  We can’t wait to see what we can help you achieve!