Goldwell Dualsenses Blondes and Highlights
Goldwell Blondes and Highlights
February 1, 2018
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Goldwell Hair Color System – Topchic
February 8, 2018
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Surface Pure Blonde Violet Shampoo and Conditioner


Since we have been talking about products for colored, and more specifically blonde, hair, we thought that we should take a moment to talk about Surface Pure Blonde Violet Shampoo and Conditioner.  When it comes to blonde hair it is common knowledge that a “purple shampoo” is king at keeping those brassy tones at bay.  But did you also know that some just don’t live up to the hype?

This is NOT the case when it comes to Surface Pure Blonde products.  We should also mention that this shampoo and conditioner is truly a “purple shampoo/conditioner” in every sense of the word.  It is not just purple in color but it WILL make your hands turn purple momentarily.

The deep purple color of this shampoo and conditioner power couple comes from the Maquai Berry and Moringa Oil that make up the tinted base of these products.  This beautiful color from these powerful ingredients will counteract any brassy tones in your hair while also nourishing your hair from root to tip, delivering shine that you will have to see to believe and protecting your hair and your fresh color from free radicals.

The very best part about these products (as if we haven’t given you enough reasons to reach for the Surface hair products yet) is that the ingredients all derive from certified organic botanicals, are sulfate free, gluten free, paraben free, vegan friendly and contain the Color Vita-Complex that is found in the rest of the line!

The Color Vita-Complex is a combination of Ceremide 3 and Vitamin A,C and E.  These are all antioxidants that lock color into and onto the hair by playing guard to your hair and eliminating the free radicals that generally follow after a color service.  They also prevent the oxidation of the color molecule thereby allowing you to enjoy that new color for a lot longer as it is not breaking down as fast.  When you consider that these ingredients then combine with any heat that you apply in the drying and styling process they basically help to create the ultimate color locking technology.  And, they are all good for your hair!

Still not enough goodness packaged into these bottles?  Well, Surface has always operated with the mission of providing products that respect your own personal health and the health of your hair but also the earth!  Surface, as a company, likes to provide their clients with products that incorporate sustainably harvested and certified organic botanicals.  And that is not just in one of their products but in each and every one that they put in our salons for use and sale to you, our amazing clients.

So, if you are currently in the process of going blonde or are considering it then you can rest easy when you come to us!  We have the expertise to get you there and the products that will help maintain your results and keep your hair healthy while still being earth conscious!  If you are interested in getting these products into your everyday routine, be sure to stop in or contact us so that we can set yours aside today!