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January 29, 2018
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February 5, 2018
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Goldwell Blondes and Highlights

Goldwell Dualsenses Blondes and Highlights

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If you are one of our amazing blonde clients then this group of products is just for you!  We would like to introduce you to Goldwell’s Blondes and Highlights products.  No matter if you have been blonde for years or are just starting the process, you are most likely all too familiar with your color’s ability to get brassy despite your best efforts.  While we cannot stop this from happening we can give you products and tools that will help you to reverse the process.  Enter Goldwell Blondes and Highlights!

This line of products has been touted (and justly so) for being the next generation of color luminosity.  Goldwell Blondes and Highlights will indeed bring out your hairs luminosity as well as neutralize all unwanted yellow tones in order to allow your beautiful blonde shine!

Starting with their amazing shampoo and conditioner this system is designed to be as gentle as water to your hair and contains the Fade Stop formula complex that is found throughout Goldwell’s amazing color line.  And the conditioner works overtime to keep your hair tangle free and full of moisture!  When you work on dying your hair blonde your hair shaft can become dry and brittle, this is why the specially formulated Blondes and Highlights conditioner is so important.  This vital piece of your daily routine will bring that moisture back to your hair, bringing your hair back to it’s brilliant, dazzling life!

Next in this system is the Blondes and Highlights Brilliance Serum Spray.  Much like the Color Brilliance Serum Spray, this is the product that you need to add even more moisture to your hair in one simple weightless spray!  Your hair will gain even more combability and will add to the shine in your hair!  Did we mention that you will also have the added benefit of Goldwell’s awesome heat protection?  You cannot lose with this product in your arsenal!

The 60Sec Treatment is a great treatment to take home with you.  It will regenerate your hair instantly up to 100% giving your hair intense strength and health.  This at home treatment will also help to neutralize any unwanted yellow tones in your hair giving way to luminous blonde color reflections.

Looking for an amazing add on to your blonding process in the salon?  Ask us to add the Color Lock Serum to your treatment plan!  This tiny bottle is filled with the ability to lock in your color and amplify the luminosity.  This weightless serum is applied to keep your carefully applied salon blonding to keep it vibrant for 22 washes.  Assuming that you are using compatible products.  If you are asking for this add on and using drugstore products at home, then we cannot speak to these product guarantees.  But we know that if you are one of our clients then you are using products that we have suggested anyway!

So, no matter what you are trying to achieve, full head of amazing blonde goodness or just a few highlights, if you have blonde in your hair, you need these products to add to your at home efforts!  If you are either in the process and not seeing the results you expected or are just starting to follow your blonde ambitions, contact us today to schedule a quick assessment so that we can help you choose the best products to support your path!  We promise that you will not be disappointed!