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January 18, 2018
Goldwell Dualsenses Blondes and Highlights
Goldwell Blondes and Highlights
February 1, 2018
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Goldwell Dualsenses Color Brilliance Serum Spray

We at the Moxie on Maple Ave love this line from Goldwell and will often recommend it to our amazing clients when they come in for a color service.  You see, the reason is not monetarily motivated but is an effort to maintain your color for as long as possible.  We recommend products that will extend the life of your color that you do not have to come into the salon to have applied.  This makes for effective color services and helps you save money over time.  In addition it helps to keep your hair in healthy condition between services.  To try to color unhealthy or damaged hair is to further cause damage and will make your hair look terrible and in turn make you feel terrible.  This is not our quest!  At the Moxie on Maple Ave we strive to make you look and feel your best with every visit you make to us!

So, what makes this serum spray so special?  Well, this amazing bottle of goodness will provide your hair, no matter if it’s colored or not, with weightless conditioning.  This will keep your hair soft and supple and free of tangles and damage.  This spray also boasts Goaldwell’s Fade Stop Formula Complex.  This formula complex is as gentle as water to your hair and helps to minimize color fade with every use by strengthening the color molecules in order to retain and restore color vibrance.  This equals longer lasting color for you!

Still not enough hard work from a product?  Well, not to worry!  The Goldwell Dualsenses Color Brilliance Serum Spray also minimizes, regenerates and reconstructs the hair to restore color vibrancy and shine to your color treated hair.  This too will help your color last longer as it slows color fading.

So what are the long term benefits to using this amazing little bottle of serum spray?  Well you can expect that your hair color will stay salon fresh longer, your color remains vibrant longer maximizing the time between visits, reduction of color fade, gives weightless conditioning and maximizes the lumosity of your hair no matter if it’s color treated or not!  This is surely the work horse product that you are looking for!

If you are as excited about this product as we are then you should hurry in to visit us!  No matter what it is that you need from color to a fresh cut or just to pick up this or other amazing products that will benefit your hair make sure you contact us today!  We can’t wait to see you in your salon!