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Varis Blow-Dryer: Your Hair’s New Best Friend
January 5, 2018
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January 15, 2018
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Maintaining Your Color After Your Salon Visit

The Moxie on Maple Ave - Maintaining Your Color After Your Salon Visit

If you are like most people starting the new year with the motto of “New Year, New Me” then we applaud you!  It’s always exciting to start a fresh chapter in ones life or even starting a completely new book.  Most people think that the “New Me” part of the plan has to start with attitude.  What many people don’t realize is that they don’t have to completely change who they are.  They can start with a new hair color.  With the trends that ebb and flow and the rise in popularity in searching Pinterest for the next great style for yourself, we see many people come in for that fresh new color.

But, how do you expect to maintain that fresh new color after you walk out of the salon?  Well, we have some tips and trick to share with you that will go a long way in maintaining your hair color, be we also would like to recommend some products that we feel will help extend the life of your color.

First and foremost we would like to say that there is a reason that we recommend certain products for purchase.   We suggest these products because we are dedicated Goldwell and Surface artists and we truly care about the health and beauty of your hair.  We suggest home care products that are made by the same brands that your hair color came from.

When we color your hair we use 1 of 2 brands, Goldwell or Surface.  These brands have invested lots of time and money to bring you the best possible coloring systems that will not only please you personally but will help maintain the health of your hair.  In our opinion, these brands give the best results and protect the integrity of your hair at the same time.  Who doesn’t love a good multitasker?!

Goldwell has a great line of after color care products.  This is the Goldwell Dualsenses Color line.  This line boasts the Color line for fine to normal hair and the Color Extra Rich line that is good if there is more damage present and your hair needs just a little more moisture love!  These lines both help to keep your color vibrant for as long as possible and employ the use of Luminescine.  What the Luminescine does is to transfer non visible UV light into visible light which gives your hair a more magnified brilliance.  So when you use this line, you are adding the microPROtec complex, FadeStopFormula and Luminescine into your hair and the result is the best color brilliance for your money!

So What products can you take home with you for maintaining your color?  If you have fine to normal hair we will generally suggest the Color line.  For washing we recommend the Brilliance Shampoo.  This shampoo will bring out the luminosity of both the color treated and non-color treated hair.  The formulation is as gentle as water so no damage will come to your color via washing with this shampoo!  Also, the shampoo contains the FadeStopFormula that will help to minimize fading every time you wash!  Of course if you are washing your hair, we cannot forget to condition!  Bring on the Brilliance Conditioner!  This will gently detangle your hair and adds more luminosity to your hair.

Once you are out of the shower, we offer the Brilliance Serum Spray.  Just as you would use a serum in your skincare regimine, Goldwell has created this spray for maintaining your color.  This is added conditioning that is weightless and will add that fresh glossy gleam to your strands!  Another benefit is that this serum spray offers heat protection for your heat styling needs!

Goldwell has also rolled out their new 60Sec Treatment that you can bring home with you!  In just 60 seconds you can revive your hair up to 100%.  This nourishing care treatment will also help to amplify the luminosity of your color.

The Color Extra Rich formulation has the same basic components but for thick to course hair.  The one major difference is obviously the weight of the product on the hair and instead of the serum spray they offer the new 6 Effects Serum.  The 6 Effects Serum instantly provides 6 color effects for your hair.  This serum will amplify your color luminosity, nourish the hair fibers, help your lengths and ends maintain a healthy look, improve the elasticity, add a silky hair feel and add intensive shine.

When you choose Surface products, you can pretty much choose any of the available product lines.  The only super specific color line they have is the Pure Blonde line.  The rest are all infused with Surface’s Color Vita-Complex.  The good news for you is that this Color Vita-Complex combines Ceramide 3 with Vitamin A, C and E antioxidants which locks color into and onto the hair by elimination of free radicals and preventing the oxidation of the color molecules that are deposited in the coloring process.  Combine these ingredients with heat and you will have the ultimate color locking technology!  So no matter we recommend the Basu line, the Volume line, the Healthy Scalp & Hair line, the Curl line, the Pure Blonde line or even the Men’s line (for the men that occasionally grace our chairs!), your color service is safe with these products!  If you are not sure which of the Surface lines you should use for your hair, we are always willing to give suggestion based on your needs!  But you basically cannot go wrong with ANY of the Surface product lines!

So, besides the products we suggest, what else can you do at home to extend the life of your new hair color?!  Well there are a few things that you can do and some that don’t involve product at all!

  1. When you go to the gym, smooth some coconut oil on your hairs ends and braid it before hitting the treadmill.  Better yet, add some Surface Basu Oil!  The heat from working out will help lock in moisture that your hair may be in desperate need of!  Well moisturized hair will hold it’s color better!
  2. Turn down the heat!  We get that super hot showers on a sub-zero day feels good but that hot water is not good for skin and hair.  This will quickly wash out your fabulous hair color that you worked so hard to achieve.  Why is this?  The heat opens the cuticle of your hair and washes away the dye.
  3. Use high quality brushes.  A mix of boar bristles and nylon fibers is the best for your hair as these will help distribute the scalp’s natural oils over the entire hair shaft.  Have you seen our amazing Fromm brushes?  These will deliver amazing results every time!
  4. Avoid the urge to DIY.  It’s so tempting when you call us and we don’t have same day availability to reach for that box on the store shelf but trust us, it’s not worth it!  The pigments in that box color are not tailored to your hair they way color we provide is and it is so easy to botch the box color and your existing hair color.
  5. Skip a shampoo.  Yes, you heard us.  Washing your hair frequently does more harm than good!  The detergents meant to degrease your scalp will in fact strip the color off your hair super fast!  Instead ask us about what dry shampoo we recommend!  This will help you also skip the greasy strands!

So there you have it!  Amazing products and a few tips to help you in your efforts of maintaining your color after you come see us for a visit!  If you are looking for some fresh color and amazing new products then don’t delay and book your appointment now!  We cannot wait to see you in our chairs!  Stay tuned as we start to feature each of these products and get more in depth with why we love these products!