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January 5, 2018
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January 12, 2018
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Varis Blow-Dryer: Your Hair’s New Best Friend

The Moxie on Maple Ave - Varis Blow-Dryer Your Hairs New Best Friend

This day in age everyone has some sort of crystals in their life.  Whether arranged on your desk to improve our well-being or in your skincare to heal your complexion, they are everywhere!  Enter the Varis Creative Energy Hair Dryer!  The Varis hair drier is our absolute MUST have in the salon!  But what makes this hair dryer so amazing?  Read on for all things Varis amazing-ness!

Meet The Varis Hair Dryer

This hair dryer is not packed with the type of crystals that you would expect such as rose quartz or amethyst type of healing crystals but rather hydroionic crystals that hydrate and condition your hair as you dry, instead of the norm of drying your hair out that regularly comes with heat-styling.

So how does this work?  The crystals in the blow-dryer are a blend of naturally occurring crystals that emit pure negative ions and far infrared energy.  The ions and energy are so powerful that it breaks down the water molecules that are on your hair shaft and restore moisture balance.  This process keeps your hair hydrated and shiny-even if you are addicted to heat styling on the daily!

If you are a Maven that doesn’t exactly keep up with our regular hair trims, you may find that your ends are normally dry and in rough shape.  Well, be prepared for a big surprise with the Varis because you will see significantly less frizz.  Also, if drying your hair normally counts toward arm day at the gym for you then you will be in love with the lightweight design.  The Varis weighs in at less than a pound making actual post arm day gym workout blowouts that much easier!

We at The Moxie on Maple Ave cannot say enough about the Varis hair dryer.  And if you have been in our styling chairs anytime lately, you know how amazing this dryer is!  If you would like more information on these hair dryers make sure that you contact us!  We love to brag about our amazing tools!