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December 28, 2017
The Moxie on Maple Ave - Varis Blow-Dryer Your Hairs New Best Friend
Varis Blow-Dryer: Your Hair’s New Best Friend
January 5, 2018
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Amika: The Flatiron We Cannot Live Without

Moxie on Maple - The flatiron We Cannot Live Without

So Mavens, a few weeks ago we wrote about the best flatiron for your hair type but we didn’t talk about what we use in salon.  Well, that was because our flatirons needed a stand alone article.  These flatirons are the bomb dot com!  We are talking about the Amika line of flatirons and we cannot rave enough about them.  The Amika flatiron gives some of the best results a girl can ask for.  And when we say that the Amika flatiron is a true work-horse we are not lying!  The very best part is that there are 2 “flavors”.  The Confidante and The Antidote.

About Amika

Amika is a brand that is founded on “Haircare and tools for a lifestyle of self-expression and hair rebellion against conformity and the mundane.”  So you can see that Moxie on Maple Ave and Amika is a match made in heaven!  Amika was founded in 2007 in Williamsburg, Brooklyn by “industry outsiders” who were looking for a break in what was considered the standard.  They wanted to bring beauty to those who see beauty in the non-traditional sense.  They wanted to foster a foundation of finding beauty in individual beauty and not the unattainable beauty we are all subject to on the glossy pages of our favorite magazines.  The result is the radical idea of inclusion to beauty and an injection of positivity while maintaining lots of fun both from their culture to their packaging.  The part that sold us on Amika brand is their commitment to NEVER testing on animals!

About the Amika Flatirons

The Confidante

This is the Moisture-Lock Styler.  This flatiron will help your hair stay smoother for a longer time.  It uses infrared light beam technology to help the heat penetrate deeper into your hair shaft thus locking out unwanted moisture and the resulting frizz.

So what are the actual, tangible benefits of this flatiron?  Glad you asked!  First of all, the infrared light beam that helps the heat penetrate your hair shaft safely.  The actual plates on this flatiron are 25% longer than others on the market meaning that you will be able to style your hair with this flatiron faster!  The confidant uses energy efficient heaters in the heating element.  This also guarantees one-pass styling for the craziest hair type yet maintains its gentle nature for the finest of hair!

For more information on this flatiron go to

The Antidote

This flatiron will leave your hair in better shape than when you started due to the utilization of Nano Silk Technology that mends the appearance of any broken amino acid chains.  The Antidote was awarded the “Best Hair Straightener” for NYLON’s Beauty Hit List 2017.

The benefits of this amazing flatiron is of course, the Nano-Silk technology.  This high-tech technology infuses nano-particles that mend the appearance of dry, damaged hair caused by broken amino acid chains.  The Negative Ion Projector that is part of this amazing little tool streams millions of cuticle-sealing negative ions into your hair with each pass.  Why is this important?  Well, this will help lock in that smooth shiny look and keep frizz at bay!  and we all know that frizz must be fought at all costs!

For more information on The Antidote go to

So, there you have it Mavens!  These irons do boast a $150 price tag BUT doesn’t your hair deserve the best you can give it?!  We certainly think so!  If you have any questions about these flatirons, make sure you contact us today!