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December 26, 2017
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Fromm 1907 Brushes

The Moxie on Maple Ave - Fromm Brushes

We wanted to talk to you today about our favorite brushes in the world for hair styling!  These are the Fromm 1907 brushes that you always see by our sides in the salon.  But don’t just take it from us, here is what has to say!


Less Time. Less Damage.

Introducing the FIRST copper barrel brush, the newest technology in hair care only by Fromm. Why copper? Premium thermal properties provide superior temperature control to evenly heat hair 4x faster than a standard plastic vented brush. Featuring a handcrafted 100% Boar Bristle strip and waved nylon bristles that provide extra grip for shiny, beautiful hair.

The Benefits

  • Heats up 4 times faster than plastic vented brush
  • Natural 100% copper barrel speeds up blow-drying time
  • Boar bristles reduce frizz and add shine

Why boar bristle?  Well, that part is easy!  Boar bristles promote healthy hair growth.  You see, the boar bristle will gently massage your scalp as you are brushing your hair.  This increases the blood flow and helps to unclog hair follicles.

Boar bristles also condition your hair!  It does this by distributing your scalp’s sebaceous oils through the rest of your hair and allows the oil to coat the whole strand of hair instead of leaving it just near your scalp.  This will also add shine to your hair.  We are talking the best shine there is, the natural kind!  There is no shine like the kind that comes from even distribution of your own natural oil!  The distribution of oil from your roots also helps to clean your hair.  Because the oil is picked up at the root and brushed down the shaft of your hair, it gives you a more even distribution of oil through our hair.  It also removes the excess oils because they will become trapped in the brush.  You are also preventing breakage and frizz when you make sure that the oils are evenly distributed.  This oil acts as a natural protectant for your hair sealing in any split ends and preventing hair breakage and reducing frizz.  Your own natural oil is by far better than any anti-frizz serum on the market.

The way we see it, why would you want to style your hair with anything else?!  From the copper barrel to the boar bristles this brush is a dream team tool that will take your hair to new heights!  If you are as excited about this brush as we are, make sure that you contact us today to reserve your brush so that you can style your hair like a pro at home.  That is, after you let us show you how it’s done!  We can’t wait to see you in our chairs!